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Medical gas verification

While conducting research for this blog we came across an NCBI 2018 article that stresses the importance of ensuring the safety of a medical gas pipeline system across every health institute and hospital due to its diverse applications. Quite often, we tend to systematize and automate these systems for their operation and upkeep. However, there are certain processes that require scrutinous cleaning procedures. Improper medical gas verification can lead to some serious damage while jeopardizing the lives of the patients and posing medically dangerous risks.

Issues Posed by A Faulty Medical Gas Verification

Certain professionals or medical facility supervisors tend to let in latent practices that can act as a catalyst for future potential calamity. These mechanical/ work-practice failures can eventually lead to life-threatening situations. These failures can include poor design systems, operating systems, maintenance procedures, poor communication between engineers/ verifiers, substandard installation/ maintenance procedures of the relevant plumbing systems, and many more. Below we will be talking about some serious threats and highlight their reasons. In case you find yourself doing any of those, you will know what not to do.

CAD Over-Reliability

Technology and automation have indeed taken over our lives. Interestingly, this mode of convenience can be a reason to take our lives as well. Overdependence and lack of skill/ unaware design decisions can give rise to major gas supply/ plumbing problems such as clogged suction system due to dried accumulations of gas along a patient’s gas line. A well-balanced mix of a manual and automated system for quality control is an ideal way to ensure the proper functioning of both technical and procedural systems.

Miscommunication and Malpractices of Professionals

Certain professionals suffer from “hurry up syndrome” that causes them to rush through their work leading to compromised quality and systems. This practice overlooks the error management technique. For instance, some plumbers may shut down every pipeline simultaneously during a multi-gas tie-in shutdown. These situations require lines to be closed down one by one. Continuing from here, if another professional isn’t informed of the lines, he may have no clue as to which goes where. This can also lead to attaching misidentified lines and crossing them that eventually leads to life-threatening situations.

Uncertified/ Inexperienced Service Providers

Medical gas verification service providers without any prior training pose more danger than a faulty gas pipeline. They have no understanding of the redundancies of different systems nor have the skill to be aware of them. They fail to take proper measures that can solve the issues from the root. For instance, in case you have hire professionals for the renovation of multiple live zone valves, as a standard measure, the professionals need to cut off the supply and disconnect the lines. Direct placement of a fresh line without cutting off the supply can lead to a major accidental gas leak. Also, smart software often conditions systems to run smoothly even with anomalies. Identification and assessment of them require an experts’ eye.

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vacuum pumps

With advances in technology, there are all types of vacuum pumps available in the market. Different industries require them and since medical gas vacuum pumps of today offer amazing performance and quality, their demand has gone up considerably. For instance, you can get oil seal vacuum pumps, watering vacuum pumps, single-stage vacuum pumps, two-stage vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, etc. In this blog, we will be talking about liquid ring vacuum pumps. It is known for its different applications, affordable prices, and several other benefits. We have listed down a couple of points to discuss all of this. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Liquid ring vacuum pumps have become a key tool for many different industries. These pumps contain a rotator whose job is to compress gases. This rotator is positioned in a cylinder-shaped casing. As we have already mentioned above, these pumps are famous for their versatile nature and affordable costs. They can take in liquid and soft solids in great quantity without going through any sort of issue. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are designed especially to work with water, liquid, air, and gas movement needed in different industries. These pumps are available in different materials online. And since they are known for having amazing corrosion resistance properties, they do not require much maintenance.

  2. When thinking of getting liquid ring vacuum pumps for your facility, it is important that you keep a few things in mind. Fully know what your process requirement is and then accordingly make the buying decision. Focus on the size of the vacuum pump, vapor temperature, temperature of cooling and sealant, viscosity of the sealant, vapor load, and much more. Since these factors have a strong bearing on the liquid ring vacuum pump’s proper functioning, make sure you take all of the aforesaid things into account before buying these pumps. If you are looking for liquid ring vacuum pumps for medical facilities, then it would be best to take help from a company that does medical gas verification, installation, and other maintenance work.

Apart from these two main points, make sure you keep in mind that you get this vacuum pumps only from a reputed seller. Since there are many sellers online, it can get difficult to get top-quality liquid ring vacuum pumps. We will recommend you get these pumps from Medical Testing Solutions as we sell both single-stage and two-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps. For all your medical gas equipment requirements, look no further than Medical testing Solutions as we famous in the industry as top medical gas equipment suppliers.

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With the current COVID-19 pandemic causing a huge spike in the demand for medical gas equipment, hospitals have stocked up on medical gases ranging from oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, to helium. Medical oxygen, in particular, is an important part of the treatment of COVID-19 positive patients who are in intensive care units.

While life-saving, these medical gases should be handled with proper caution and the existing storage regulations should be followed to ensure safety. However, keeping them well organized for use in intensive care units, emergency and operation theatres can be quite a task. In this blog, we will share a few tips to make the organization process easier. 

  1. Ventilation is key

To prevent accidents make sure that the room in which all the medical gas is stored is properly ventilated. A good idea would be to install a mechanical ventilation system.

Do ensure that the rooms are constructed out of non-combustible materials and have a lockable door. In addition to this, make sure that the area is dry and does not have corrosive products.

  1. Secure the cylinders

Always store cylinders in an upright position. Medical gas services experts recommend that you store them in racks and use safety chains and commercial-grade straps to prevent them from tumbling around. Small-capacity compressed gas cylinders are required to be placed horizontally when not in use. Purchase appropriate racks to store them securely instead of lining them on the floor. Also, ensure that the valve protectors are always in place.

  1. Keep non-compatible gases apart

A hospital’s medical gas services’ storage room houses different types of gases. To avoid dangerous fires and accidents, make sure that you have proper signs that help people identify the gases. Ideally, empty cylinders should have a place of their own and the pathways that help people bring out cylinders should be clutter-free.

Keeping non-compatible gases far apart from each other is crucial, especially if your facility stores a lot of cylinders. Keep flammable ones at least 20 feet away from the oxidizers. Or, you can store oxygen cylinders in enclosed cabinets with a fire rating of at least 30 minutes.

We recommend that you also talk to your medical gas vendor for guidance on how to store and handle medical gases. At Medical Testing Solutions, we are committed to supplying, installing, and maintaining medical gas equipment of the highest quality amid these challenging times. Get in touch with us if you are looking for medical gas equipment & services providers in the USA.

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Medical vacuum suction regulators are designed with with patient and employee safety in mind.

With infection control being severely overlooked throughout today’s patient care, Amico has designed two different regulator models to help meet the needs of our patients and staff. The scout regulator, and the sentinel regulator! The sentinel and scout regulator both detect contamination. The sentinel family of regulators are manufactured in multiple colors to help identify the model type. You may also upgrade your either vacuum suction regulator to a digital model at little to no cost.

Did you know 37% of vacuum regulators in hospitals are contaminated?

Contaminants can spread to a new patient with in 48 hours. There was never a way to identify contamination until now. The scout medical suction vacuum regulator can identify contamination with a small alert on the lower left-hand side of the vacuum suction regulator. Servicing these suction regulators can be done in minutes and it’s very easy. The unique modular design makes repair and replacement a breeze for any biomedical or central supply department. The unit is made up of six replacable module components. Also, unlike the normal plastic inlet and outlet connections on most units the cast metal plate connections are extremely durable, therefore saving unnecessary repair costs. The case https://eye-yon.com/lasix-furosemide/ cover is also made of a strong plastic. A smooth surface with rounded corners making cleaning easy. The case also houses the gauge for extra protection. A large control knob and easy to read setting makes vacuum adjustment simple even in emergency situations.

Our pediatric vacuum regulator option restricts flow to 170 inches of mercury to prevent hi vacuum situations in the gauge face is imprinted to identify the regulator for pediatric use.


Medical vacuum suction regulators come in continuous and intermittent models and are ideal for any critical care environment. They can also be used in all patient areas since they are considered combination units. The intermittent module provides a reliable and quiet means of cycling the suction levels on and off during intermittent mode. Adult models regulate to 300 mmHg, Pediatric models to 160 mmHg and Neonatal models to 100 mmHg. ON/OFF timing cycles operate independently and can be adjusted on the back plate of the unit without removing any casing. Pediatric and Neonatal models have positive pressure relief valves for safety. Units come in analog or with digital displays.

If you need any assistance configuring a regulator, simply contact us. One of our expert medical gas customer service representatives will be happy to assist you!

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Amico Corporation, was founded in 1974. Their first products on the market were known as their “pipeline division”. The pipeline division was developed in 1990 and consists of all the medical gas equipment they manufacture. Throughout the years the pipeline division has grown exponentially. Amico Corporation’s medical gas pipeline is one of the most sought after brands in the medical gas industry today. Headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario; Amico supplies distributors around the nation.

Medical Testing Solutions is a turn key source for purchasing, as well as servicing all of Amico corporations medical gas pipeline and source equipment. With over 20 years of experience working with this brand, you can be sure you will receive only the best service and care when seeking solutions for your Amico medical gas equipment. From retrofitting to new installation, Medical Testing Solutions can help.

Have a new Amico construction project?

Call us and have one of our expert in house estimators provide a turn key quotation for you today!


When it comes to preventative maintenance of your Amico source equipment, our certified 6040 medical gas maintenance personnel would be happy to assist you. Medical Testing Solutions is factory trained on all Busch motors as well as all Hitachi oil-less and scroll compressors.

Having problems with a medical gas manifold? Medical Testing Solutions has performed countless rebuilds and retrofits on Amico medical gas manifold’s throughout our career. Leaking medical gas outlet? No problem! Our nationwide medical gas service is second to none. Call us today and schedule your immediate service. A medical gas outlet leak can cost you some serious money. Take a look at this example here.

From shut down to verification; Medical Testing Solutions is a turn key source for all your medical gas service work and needs. Call us today, and one of our certified staff will be happy to assist you!

“When it comes to medical gas, trust the experts”


Medical Testing Solutions and Service










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What do you look for in a medical gas service company? All of the above? Medical Testing Solutions is the industry leader in medical gas service. With combined experience of over 20 years in the industry, Medical Testing Solutions continues to provide expert medical gas testing, installation, delivery and consultation services nationwide. In addition MTS also offers medical gas delivery and provides training on all of the ASSE series 6000 certifications courses.


When it comes to choosing a medical gas service provider it is important to note what licenses are held by the provider as well as what insurance coverage is in place. Services such as medical gas verification have no room for mistakes.  A medical gas service company shall carry adequate insurance, god forbid an oversight or if a medical gas mix-up should happen.

Licenses including the 6010 medical gas installer, 6020 medical gas inspector, 6030 medical gas verifier and 6040 medical gas maintenance personnel are among the most common medical gas certifications. At MTS the majority of our staff has acquired one if not all of the above listed certifications. We provide continuing education to all our employees free of charge and pride ourselves in doing so.


When it comes to preventative maintenance services this category is often overlooked.

Throughout my career I’ve been asked, “What is the most important medical gas?” My response – “medical vacuum”. I will dive deeper into my reasoning during another blog post… ?

However, earlier this year I posted an article referencing a neglected medical vacuum system. Not only was this system on the brink of collapse, the system was barely providing adequate suction for the patients on the line – 13 inHg. After continually following up with our perspective client on the said system,  I later was informed the vacuum system caught fire, damaging not only the system in place but the surrounding area of the facility. The fire was most likely related to clogged or unchanged exhaust filters, causing the system to overheat and catch on fire.


Our preventative maintenance service can be a life-saving solution. Whether your pumps and compressors require annual, bi-annual or quarterly maintenance, our service technicians work diligently to schedule and complete every PM service on our calendar – when it is due.

Contact us today for a free rate quote. Our services are available across the United States. As distributors for all the major manufacturers in the industry, we use only OEM parts to perform our preventative maintenance service.

You can be rest assured you are receiving the highest quality medical gas service at the best available price!




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At Medical Testing Solutions we provide only the highest quality med gas fittings and accessories. As distributors for some of the top med gas fittings manufacturers in the industry, you can be sure you are buying the highest quality product at the best available price.

Have questions?

You can be sure you are purchasing the correct product every time by utilizing our live chat option to speak with one of our certified medical gas specialists. We offer a wide range of a medical gas fittings among some of the most popular names, such as Chemetron, Ohmeda, Puritan-Bennett, Schrader, DISS and more. These fittings can be found on our website for purchase with multiple options available. Whether you need a 1/4” or a 5/16” hose barb for medical hose applications, or a DISS (diameter index safety system) hand tight nut a nipple, we have you covered! All fittings are all non-interchangeable and are gas specific. Medical Testing Solutions does offer custom gas fittings, per gas type, which can be curtailed to your need.

You can view our complete list of all medical gas fittings by visiting our medical gas fittings homepage.

In addition to standard NFPA style medical gas fittings we also offer international style fittings. These fittings consist of SIS or Australian designs. ANFOR or French style designs. DIN for German style, BS for British standard fittings and NIST for all European style designs. Most international style fittings are referred to as probes. All of our medical gas fittings and probes are manufactured using medical grade materials and are designed and produced to meet recognized international standard. Standards include ISO 5359, EN 739 and CSA-Z5359.

If you have any questions or need help selecting the appropriate medical gas fittings, please contact us. One of our medical gas experts will be happy to assist you!

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The installation of medical gas and vacuum systems shall be made by a qualified competent medical gas technician who has experience in performing such installations. Installers including all personnel who assist during the install of such piping systems shall be certified as well. Medical gas install and vacuum pipe distribution systems must also be certified in accordance with a ASSE 6010 “professional qualifications standard for medical gas systems installers”.

Inspection and testing needs to be performed on all new pipe the gas systems, additions, renovations, temporary installations, or repaired systems to ensure by a documented procedure that all provisions of the NFPA 99 have been adhered to. In addition, all systems that are breached and components that are subject to additions, renovations or replacement shall be inspected and tested following installation. Installer perform test such as the initial blow down, the initial pressure test, the initial cross connection test, the initial piping purge test and others shall be completed by the medical gas installer. Documentation of these tests shall be kept for the verifying procedure to follow a complete medical gas installation.

Medical Testing Solutions employees highly trained licensed ASSE 6010 medical gas installers. Our turn-key new construction and renovation medical gas installation service is provided nationwide.  In addition, our dedicated estimating department can issue same day quotations on equipment take-offs and installation services. As distributors  for some of the top medical gas manufacturers in the industry including dental manufactures such as Accutron Inc. and Belmed Inc. you can be sure you are receiving the highest quality equipment and price. Be sure you are getting the most professional and expert advice when choosing a medical gas installation firm. Our medical gas consultants will ensure the project plans are compliant with the current NFPA code, and our installation service plumbers are experts with quality workmanship and professionalism.

Please feel free to contact one of our medical gas specialist today for assistance during your next medical gas install.


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As one of the top med gas supplier’s in the country, Medical Testing Solutions continues to outshine the competition. From our robust ePecurment platform for ordering, invoicing, billing and more MTS is your solution for medical gas supply. Through our vast network of customers, expanding across the United States, our pricing structure allows us to offer the lowest pricing guaranteed!

Here are a just a few benefits to using our medical gas supply services:

  • We offer the highest quality customer service, and the best price.
  • The owner and the employees are all licensed medical gas service professionals.
  • We are in the business of saving our customers money and providing patient safety.

From Washington State to South Florida from New England to San Diego – Medical Testing Solutions has been providing its customers with the highest quality https://www.npfunds.com/modafinil/ medical gas supply available.

Sometimes, due to the age and amount of use, certain med gas supply systems tend to leak over time.  Medical Testing Solutions employees highly trained 6040 med gas maintenance personnel, who can easily identify a medical gas leak and prevent the facility from overspending on it’s medical gas services. When was the last time you had your med gas piping system inspected?

Contact us today for a free rate quote. One of our certified staff will be sure to answer all of your medical gas supply questions. Our corporate office is located in South Florida and we are available Monday through Friday from 8 o’clock in the morning until 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Contact us today to be sure you are receiving the highest quality medical gas service available!

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To maximize your investment and to produce repeatable, high-quality function, it is mandatory to institute a thorough medical vacuum pump preventative maintenance program.

Medical Testing Solutions offers preventative maintenance programs that are specifically engineered to enhance the medical vacuum pump performance as well as reliability. All preventative maintenance parts are OEM (original equipment manufacture). Our extensive distribution network allows us to purchase parts well below dealer pricing. Whether it’s changing oil or replacing vanes, Medical Testing Solutions should be your first choice when it comes to servicing your medical vacuum pumps. 

As distributors for some of the top manufacturers in the industry Medical Testing Solutions is factory trained on most medical – surgical vacuum suction units. Manufacturers including Busch USA, Becker, Ingersoll Rand and Gardner Denver. Reliability, efficiency and safety are some of our top priorities. Medical Testing Solutions provides a range of services to make sure our customers machines are well-maintained and ensure maximum performance.

Our costs are significantly lower and our expertise is second to none. If you have having issues with a current system or simply want to compare pricing, please contact us today! Our service network expands across the united states.

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The NFPA recommends periodic or annual medical gas testing of all positive pressure pipelines as well as waste gas and medical-surgical vacuum suction piping.

Medical Testing Solutions offers the most comprehensive annual medical gas testing in the industry. Our annual medical gas report consists of multiple sections, documenting zone by zone and including summary sheets of each zone and the medical gas equipment in each. We also include a plan of action report for any listed deficiencies or comments regarding the inspection. These reports can be accessed and updated via the cloud. Our testing procedures follow in strict compliance with the NFPA 99.

Medical gas outlets, alarms, zone valves, source source and labeling shall be tested and inspected on an annual basis. These testing procedures ensure to prolong the life and safety of a medical gas system and its components.

Medical gas outlets with a gauge pressure of 50 psi including, but not limited to oxygen, nitrous oxide, medical air, and carbon dioxide she’ll deliver 100 SLPM with a pressure drop of not more than 5 psi and static pressure of 50 psi to 55 psi.  Medical gas outlets with a gauge pressure of 50 psi including, but not limited to oxygen, nitrous oxide, medical air, and carbon dioxide shall deliver 100 SLPM with a pressure drop of not more than 5 PSI and a static pressure of 50 psi to 55 psi. Oxygen and medical air outlet serving critical care areas shall deliver a transient flow of 170 SLPM for three seconds.

  • Support gas outlets shall deliver 140 SLPM and have a pressure drop of no more than 5 PSI and have a static pressure of 160 PSI to 185 PSI.
  • Medical-surgical vacuum inlets shall be tested and shall draw 3.0 SCFM without reducing the vacuum pressure below 12 inches of mercury (inHg) at any ajacent station inlet.

Zone valves shall include the proper labeling, function and be easily accessible. Records shall be made listing the rooms or areas controlled by each valve for each gas. The information shall be utilized to assist and verify the proper labeling of the valves.

Area alarm panels are tested for line pressure sensor accuracy. The warning signals from medical gas piping system shall be tested to verify an alarm condition if the pressure in the piping system increases or decreases 20% from the normal operating pressure for positive pressure gases. Vacuum systems shall alarm when the pressure drops below a gauge pressure of 12 inches of mercury (inHg).

A piping particulate test will be conducted on 25% of the zones, and tested at the outlet most remote from the source. Our filters are pre-weighted and measured on site. If any outlet produces more than 1 mg of matter, the outlet will be purged until clean.

Manifolds will be tested for alternation and proper function. Alarm set points will be triggered actuating an alarm at the master panels located within the facility.

Medical vacuum pumps, medical air compressors, and waste anesthesia gas disposal systems will all be cycled and all local alarm signals will be actuated to ensure proper system function. Temperature readings, amperage draw, voltage and a complete electrical control cabinet analysis will be completed and documented.

Master Alarm Panels shall be tested to ensure the proper signals are tied in from the the source equipment. Signals including but not limited to high pressure, low pressure, lag in use, high temperature, dew point high and high carbon monoxide, will be tested for proper function and alarm signal actuation at all master alarm panels. The results of these tests will be documented and accessible within our report.

At Medical Testing Solutions we take great pride in all that we do and the service we provide. We also take great pride in letting our clientele, prospective clients and others in the industry know that at MTS every member of our medical gas testing and inspection staff is a highly trained and certified,  A.S.S.E 6020 Medical Gas Inspector, A.S.S.E 6030 Medical Gas Verifier, and ASSE 6040 Medical Gas Systems Maintenance Personnel. All the testing procedures which we conduct follow in strict compliance with current NFPA-99, 2015 Edition, CGA E-10, CGAC-9, TJC 2016 Accreditation Manual, AHCA Guidelines, and all other current applicable standards.

Contact us today for a same day rate quote. We look forward to providing you expert medical gas testing and inspection services for you and your facility.

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When it comes to medical gas deliveries, trust the experts. Our team of highly trained medical gas delivery service  is offering the best customer service experience while maintaining a competitive edge through cost saving and ease of ordering.

Are you tired of missed deliveries? Are you overpaying for cylinder rentals? Leave it to Medical Testing Solutions and out cutting edge e-procurement platform to resolve these unknowns.

Medical gas supply systems are the heartbeat of many healthcare facilities nationwide. With over 1100 service facilities our gas delivery service will meet all your needs excelling far beyond what you are used to when receiving your medical gas deliveries. For a medical gas delivery company near you, contact Medical Testing Solutions today!

When choosing Medical Testing Solutions for your medical gas delivery needs you can be sure you are receiving the highest possible customer service at the best available price. Our medical gas delivery headquarters is located in South Florida. We are constantly expanding our delivery locations and look forward to meeting your needs. Contact us today for a free rate quote and we guarantee to save you at least 10% compared to your current costs and providers. Serving some of the largest dental and surgery center networks in the country, our staff works still maintains a close relationship with each of our customers on a personal level. We make sure to weed out any concerns related to the medical or industrial gas services we provide.

Sign up today!

Fill out this short 6-7 questionnaire, and one of our medical gas specialists will contact you within the next 1 to 2 hours with a personal medical gas delivery quote to meet all of your needs. If you have any questions about setting up a new medical gas system for your facility, we will send a  service technician to your location within the next 24 hours to assist you.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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