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Your Helpful Guide to Dental Flowmeter Repair and Calibration Services

dental flowmeter

dental flowmeter is a device that allows dentists and other healthcare professionals to safely administer Nitrous Oxide to a patient during procedures. The mobile dental flowmeters manufactured by Accutron IncBelmed, Inc. and Porter are increasingly becoming more popular within family, and oral surgical dental facilities around the country. Dental flowmeter units require routine maintenance to support reliable and safe administration to the patients, without compromising employee health.

Dental flowmeters are essential components of dental gas delivery systems. They are used to measure and control the flow rate of nitrous oxide and oxygen to ensure accurate and safe administration of anesthesia during dental procedures. However, like all medical equipment, dental flowmeters can experience wear and tear over time, leading to inaccuracies in flow rate and potential safety hazards. That’s why it’s essential to have a reliable and experienced dental flowmeter repair and calibration service.

At our dental flowmeter repair and calibration service, we understand the critical importance of accurate and reliable gas flow measurements in dental procedures. We offer a comprehensive range of repair and calibration services for dental flowmeters to ensure that they meet the highest standards of accuracy and safety. Our team of experienced technicians has the expertise and training to diagnose and repair any issues with your dental flowmeter, regardless of the brand or model.

Our dental flowmeter repair and calibration service includes the following:

  1. Evaluation and diagnosis: We evaluate and diagnose any issues with your dental flowmeter to determine the best course of action.
  2. Repair and replacement: We repair or replace any faulty parts or components, ensuring that your dental flowmeter is restored to its original performance.
  3. Calibration: We calibrate your dental flowmeter to ensure that it meets the highest standards of accuracy and safety.
  4. Testing: We perform a series of tests to verify that your dental flowmeter is functioning correctly and accurately.
  5. Documentation: We provide comprehensive documentation of all repair and calibration activities, ensuring that your dental flowmeter is fully compliant with regulatory standards.

At our dental flowmeter repair and calibration service, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service and support to our customers. We are committed to ensuring that your dental flowmeter is fully functional, accurate, and safe, so you can focus on providing the best possible care to your patients. Contact us today to learn more about our dental flowmeter repair and calibration services and how we can help you ensure the safety and efficacy of your dental gas delivery system.

Dental workers

Dental workers are at risk of being exposed to Nitrous Oxide during the administration of this anesthetic gas to patients. Exposures should be minimized to prevent short-term behavioral and long-term reproductive health effects that can be produced by nitrous oxide. Leaks and user error, are among two of the most common causes for employee and patient risk when administering nitrous through a dental anesthesia flowmeter.

preventative maintenance diagnostic

If you think your system may be leaking or would like a preventative maintenance diagnostic, please contact our office and a representative will guide you on shipping your unit to our facility to the above listed address. Our state of the art shipping methods ensure that the flow meter and its components are completely safe during the shipping process, so that additional damages do not occur. Upon arrival of the unit(s), one of our certified staff will complete a comprehensive review of the equipment and contact you within three business days with any findings of concern. A typical flow meter repair made on a dental flowmeter will save the owner of the equipment 65% compared to purchasing new.

Dental Flowmeter repair is an easy process that can save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs, just follow the steps below:


Place this form in your shipping box before shipping.


Once received, we’ll diagnose your flowmeters and email you a plan of action.


Once fixed, we’ll ship the flowmeter/s back to you, it’s as simple as that.

Lead times are typically 2 weeks from the time we receive your unit/s.

Dental Flowmeter Calibration

dental flowmeter

A dental flowmeter is a device that allows dentists and other healthcare professionals to safely administer nitrous oxide to patients during procedures.

Nitrous oxide is a colorless gas stored as a liquid. Breathing nitrous oxide can cause dizziness unconsciousness and even death. Workers may be harmed from excessive exposure the nitrous oxide. Long-term exposure to nitrous oxide can lead to infertility in both men and women.

NIOSH and the CDC recommend that businesses administering anesthetic gas should utilize preventative maintenance programs to ensure proper use and function of nitrous oxide equipment throughout healthcare facilities worldwide.

At Medical Testing Solutions, we offer a complete dental flowmeter calibration service. Our service follows in strict compliance with all ADA and manufacture guidelines for maintaining dental flowmeter units.

Services include:
  • Verify that the nitrous “fail-safe” is working properly
  • Verification of the accuracy of both the nitrous oxide and oxygen gases
  • Verify all safety features are working properly; such as the emergency air intake and the non-rebreather valve
  • Four point flow testing (leak check)
  • On/off switch operation and functionality

dental flowmeter calibration
Flowmeter calibrations have a typical turn around time of 3-5 business days. All services are provided with comprehensive documentation of test results and services performed.

Manufactures such as Belmed, Accutron and Porter all recommend calibration services once every two years. If you think your system may be leaking or you would like a calibration service completed on your flow meter unit, please refer to our calibration document above.

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