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Where a medical gas system is supplied by a bulk oxygen gas or other medical gas supply system, a 3rd party medical gas licensed ASSE 6030 verifier shall conduct a medical gas certification of the new work on the patient side of the bulk system supply source valve. A system that is currently in use, and medical gas piping or components are being added, a licensed ASSE 6030 verifier shall test and verify downstream of the breached piping. A system shall be deemed breached at the point of pipeline intrusion by physical separation or by system component removal, replacement, or addition.

A medical gas verifier shall be able to complete report forms that include (at a minimum) data on the location, performance, and status of individual medical gas outlets, inlets, and system valves. The reports shall also include the results of cross connection tests, outlet flow tests, alarm tests, vacuum distribution system tests, gas piping contaminant tests, medical gas particulate tests, medical air compressor contaminant tests, medical gas concentration tests, medical gas manifold inspections, medical air source inspection and medical vacuum source inspections.

All of Medical Testing Solutions test instruments are calibrated as per the N.I.S.T (National Institute of Standards and Technology) requirements and documentation of these recordings are kept onsite at all times during testing and verification procedures.

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