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Medical Gas Installation Services:

  • Construction, Blueprinting and Staging assistance
  • Wholesale purchasing of equipment and materials
  • ASSE 6010 certified Installers
  • ASME IX Brazers
  • On-site ASSE 6030 Verifier to supervise installations
  • An ASSE 6030 Verifier to certify/verify the new installation
  • Discounted future maintenance and inspection costs
  • Discounted future product costs
  • Discounted future Gas delivery costs

MTS Company Information:

  • ASSE 6010 Licensed
  • NITC Certified as Medical Gas Installers
  • NFPA 99 Compliant
  • Bonded & Insured
  • SAM/DUNS registered
  • NAICS 238220/238290/237120
  • MGPHO Registered

How to Request a Quote:

  1. Call us at (844) 768-5744
  2. Email us: Support@medicaltestingsolutions.com
  3. Use the Request For Quote button to your right
  4. Fill out the callback form and we’ll call you back
Everything you Need:

MTS works with facility directors to provide streamlined medical gas installations. Our services include drafting blueprints, supervising our ASSE certified medical gas technicians, shopping for and ordering the equipment you need at wholesale rates, and certifying the completed installation per NFPA guidelines.

The Correct Personnel:

Per NFPA guidelines, medical gas installations must be performed by ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Installers and ASME IX Brazers. Our medical gas installation team can handle everything from plumbing entire hospital wings, to installing new alarm panels in smaller surgery centers and dental offices. Upon completion of your new medical gas installation, MTS will provide you with a Medical Gas Verification. These verifications are required per NFPA guidelines and must be conducted on all new downstream pipelines and equipment within the gas delivery system.

Ordering the Equipment:

We provide wholesale distribution through every major medical gas manufacturer spec’d for your project, so all installations contracted through MTS come with discounted prices on equipment. During the planning and blueprinting phase we’ll be able to tell you everything you need, how long it takes to be delivered, what the cost will be, and what it costs to install and verify the project.

You Should Know These Important NFPA Guidelines on Medical Gas Installations:

  • Per NFPA Code
    Any installation of medical gas systems must be inspected and verified by qualified technicians meeting the requirements for ASSE 6030 medical gas verifier.
  • Per NFPA Code
    Medical gas plumbers involved in the installation of piping systems, piped vacuum systems, and accompanying components for manifolds, zone valves, alarms, and outlets must be ASSE 6010 credentialed.

Get the full NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities Code

MTS Installation Information:

  • New dental office, surgery center, wing in a hospital? We have you covered. Medical Testing Solutions works hand in hand with some of the top medical gas installation companies in the world. Every medical gas installation is conducted by a certified ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Installer, as per NFPA 99 2015 ed.
  • Medical gas pipeline is essential in healthcare facilities. hospitals, surgery centers, and dental clinics continue to build and renovate,  adding medical gases throughout a number of patient care areas. Be sure that the medical gas installation companies you hire carry the appropriate licenses before awarding them a medical gas installation contract. The system installer must be able to identify and demonstrate knowledge of the applicable laws, codes, rules, listing agencies and regulations from the federal, state and local level pertaining to medical gas and vacuum systems.
  • Let us alleviate the stress in finding the right contractor for you. Medical Testing Solutions has managed many large installation projects throughout the country. Complete with each installation, MTS assures the job is done correctly during our follow up medical gas verification of all new medical gas system work. Give us a call 1+(844) 768-5744

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