The BeaconMedaes Gas Control Panel shall be designed to provide delivery pressure control of piped gases to turbo surgical tools. The panel shall contain the following:

• An on off service ball valve rated at 300 psi maximum working pressure, capable of sealing in both directions. Ball seats shall be of Tefl on material.

• A self relieving type pressure regulator with a 10 to 250 psi regulating range.

• A 2-1/4″ diameter control knob is provided for ease of regulator adjustment.

• Two 0 to 300 psi pressure gauges with dial face increments of 10 psi for visual indication of incoming pipeline pressure and adjusted delivery pressure to the outlet. • Type K copper tube extensions for connections to a 3/8″ nominal gas service line and to a remote outlet location.

• An outlet connection valve consisting of a Diameter lndex Safety System (DISS) or a Schrader quick connect valve. The entire control panel shall be cleaned as if for oxygen use and appropriately labeled to avoid errors in gas service connections.

Control Panel Design

The control panel front shall be constructed of brush fi nished anodized aluminum with a wrap around frame for ease of installation and servicing. A rough in mounting box shall be included, constructed of 16 gauge steel with powder coated fi nish. Mounting fl anges for anchoring rough-in to walls attached.