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A 6010 Medical Gas Installer certification candidate is a qualified individual who can demonstrate competence within their scope and will be proficient in and experienced in the installation of medical gas and vacuum systems covered by the ASSE Series 6000 Standard. Installers include anyone who works on or installs piping or components, including brazers. A qualified Medical Gas Installer may perform these tasks alone, or through the supervision of other individuals. Plumbing companies who install, and repair, these life safety systems and equipment must be certified by an approved training agency.

In addition to knowledge of product installation, a Medical Gas Installer is required to have a general knowledge of the applicable laws, codes, rules, listing agencies, and regulations from the federal, state, and local levels pertaining to medical gas and vacuum systems as well as knowledge of product performance, system and system component testing, documenting and recording, and medical gas terminology Medical gas systems and equipment covered in the ASSE Series 6000 Standard include health care facilities within the scope of NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code. Medical gas piping systems include vacuum piping.

The certified installers shall maintain their certification by showing proof of brazing performance every 6 months. Students will learn the NFPA 99 Gas and Vacuum Systems code following the ASSE 6010 Standard. Students will also learn brazing skills using oxygen, acetylene torches with rosebud tips while purging the system with Nitrogen. Learning correct brazing skills is one of the most important aspects of installing medical gas and vacuum systems.

Medical gas installers will be trained on all installer perform tests following the medical gas installation brazen process. These perform test include:

Initial Piping Blow Down Test – Piping in medical gas and vacuum distribution system shall be blown clear by means of oil free dry nitrogen after installation of the distribution piping but before installation of station outlet/inlet rough and assemblies and other system components.

Initial Pressure Test – Each section of the piping in the medical gas and vacuum system shall be pressure tested.

Initial Cross Connection Test– It shall be determined that no cross connections exist between the various medical gas and vacuum piping systems.

Initial Piping Purge Test –  The outlets and each medical gas piping system shall be purge to remove any particular matter from the distribution piping.

Standing Pressure Test For Positive Pressure Gases – After successful completion of the initial pressure test, medical gas distribution piping shall be subject to a standing pressure test.

Standing Vacuum Test For Vacuum Piping – after successful completion of the initial pressure tests, vacuum distribution piping still be subject to a standing vacuum test.

Medical Testing Solutions is the industry leader in medical gas system service, training and installation. For more information about our 6010 training program please contact us toll-free at 844–768- 5744


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