Medical vacuum regulators are designs to  makes repair a breeze for any biomed or central supply department. Our medical vacuum regulator unit is made up of six (6) easy-to-replace modular components. Unlike the normal plastic inlet and outlet connections on most units, the cast metal backplate connections are extremely durable, thereby saving unnecessary repair costs. As a result of its modular design, the unit is 25-50% smaller than other suction regulators making it the product of choice for crowded wall and rail areas.The case is made of strong plastic and is user friendly. The large control knob and easy-to-read settings make vacuum adjustments simple, even in emergency situations. The option for the pediatric vacuum regulator is restricted to 170 mmHg (±10 mmHg) to prevent high vacuum situations. All regulators come with the outlets adapter of choice. If you need help configuring your unit, please contact us. One of our expert medical gas and vacuum specialists will be happy to assist you!

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