A ferrule is a small metal or plastic ring that is used to form a tight seal between two components. In medical gas systems, ferrules are commonly used to connect tubing or pipes to fittings or connectors.

The ferrule is typically made of a soft metal, such as brass or copper, or a hard plastic, such as nylon or polypropylene. It is designed to be compressed when it is tightened onto a tube or pipe, forming a seal between the ferrule and the component it is being connected to.

Ferrules are commonly used in compression fittings, where they are used to create a leak-tight seal between the fitting and the tubing or pipe. In this application, the ferrule is typically located between the fitting and the tubing or pipe, and is compressed when the fitting is tightened onto the tubing or pipe.

Ferrules are also used in other applications where a tight seal is required between two components, such as in electrical connectors or hydraulic fittings.

In medical gas systems, ferrules are an important component of the system, as they help to ensure a safe, reliable, and leak-free connection between components. It is important to use high-quality ferrules that are designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of medical gas systems, and to follow recommended installation procedures to ensure the ferrules are properly installed and tightened.

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