Amico Zone Valves are configured vertically to maximize wall space and can include up to 8 ball valves per box. Zone valve sizes range from ½” to 2”. Key features include:

  • Forged brass (not cast), full port ball valves.
  • Ability to plumb left to right or right to left – dual gauge ports.
  • Type K copper extensions and locking handles.
  • Working pressure rating of 600 psi WOG (29in/Hg vacuum).
  • Plastic insulators to prevent galvanic corrosion.
  • Three piece in-line repairable valves.

All ball valves and plumbing are cleaned for use with oxygen in accordance with GCA G-4.1. If you need help configuring a zone valve box with the appropriate ball valve sizes, simply contact us today. One of our certified medical gas specialists will be happy to assist you.