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A medical gas installer certification candidate is a qualified individual that can demonstrate competence with their scope and will be proficient and experienced in any installation Of medical gas and vacuum systems covered by the ASSE series 6000 standard. The purpose of the training course is to enhance the profession of certain crafts, inspectors and businesses in the construction industry by providing a mechanism by which individuals can demonstrate their knowledge of model codes, standards, industry practices and a mechanism by which stakeholders in the construction industry can readily asses a minimum level of competency in such categories.

To qualify:

A qualifying candidate must have a minimum of four years of documented practical experience in the field of installation of plumbing or mechanical systems.

Candidates shall have completed a minimum of 32 hour training course conducted by a medical gas systems instructor certified to ASSE series standard 6050.

About the instructor:

MTS employees highly trained medical gas systems instructors who are certified to the ASSE standard 6050. With the highest quality content available complete with several years of teaching experience in the field. Medical Testing Solutions will bring you the highest quality customized training course meeting all aspects of the medical gas installation certification there are.

Our certification program is backed by the NITC and is is a nationally recognized certification.

Certification available in Spanish by request only.

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