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Preventative maintenance guidelines apply to all piped medical gas and vacuum systems including but not limited to oxygen, nitrogen, medical air, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, medical surgical vacuum system and waste anesthesia gas disposal units. Source gas and vacuum equipment and their components must receive regular preventative Medical gas maintenance for safe and reliable operation.

Piped gas systems present certain characteristic hazards, usually related to original construction, modification, or repair. Medical Testing Solutions, repairs and maintains medical gas systems throughout Hospitals, Surgery Centers, and Dental Offices. Problems can also develop during the working lifetime of the systems particularly medical air systems, outlets and vacuum inlets and pumps. Problems related to how the system is used and maintained during its lifetime include leaking outlets seals, clogged vacuum inlets, inadequate particulate filtration, corrosion of automatic condensate drains, compressor or pump seals and bearings are among some of the more common issues associated with this type of equipment.

Furthermore, medical air compressors and vacuum pump systems require manufactured recommended maintenance to ensure quality and preserve the longevity of each individual system. Proper preventative maintenance programs include changing oil, exhaust filters, intake filters, belts, gauges, gaskets and many other parts are essential to these machines overall reliability and lifespan.

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