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Low voltage electrical wiring can be found in a number of devices used throughout a medical gas system. Components such as: Sensors, Alarms, Manifolds are among the most common. These devices are sometimes wired improperly during the time of installation. The reason being, is that most electricians are not familiar with the testing procedures of a medical gas systems, making sure that they have correctly landed the wires they are working with.

Our electrical service department has become larger and more prevalent in the medical gas field in the recent days. Medical Testing Solutions verifiers and inspectors conducting our annual facility inspections are finding in many cases that the Master alarm panels were not wired for the incorrect alerts that are intended for. Another common mistake found when testing a master alarm system is that the medical vacuum pumps and medical air compressors do not relay all the correct signals to the panels. This can be detrimental to the machines, as they could be in need of maintenance and the alarms are not tied into the system.

At Medical Testing Solutions, our team of certified electricians in conjunction with our certified medical gas verifies can ensure the proper signals are tied into the correct panels and then verified for proper operation.

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