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A dental flowmeter is a device that allows dentists and other healthcare professionals to safely administer Nitrous Oxide to a patient during procedures. The mobile dental flowmeters manufactured by Accutron Inc, Belmed, Inc. and Porter are increasingly becoming more popular within family, and oral surgical dental facilities around the country. Dental flowmeter units require routine maintenance to support reliable and safe administration to the patients, without compromising employee health. Dental workers are at risk of being exposed to Nitrous Oxide during administration of this anesthetic gas to patients. Exposures should be minimized to prevent short-term behavioral and long-term reproductive health effects that can be produced by nitrous oxide. Leaks and user error, are among two of the most common causes for employee and patient risk when administering nitrous through a dental anesthesia flowmeter.

If you think your system may be leaking or would like a preventative maintenance diagnostic, please contact our office and a representative will guide you on shipping your unit to our facility to the above listed address. Our state of the art shipping methods ensure that the flow meter and its components are completely safe during the shipping process, so that additional damages do not occur. Upon arrival of the unit(s), one of our certified staff will complete a comprehensive review of the equipment and contact you within three business days with any findings of concern. A typical flow meter repair made on a dental flowmeter will save the owner of the equipment 65% compared to purchasing new.

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