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Jul 11, 2022

As we all know, medical gas plays a critical role in the functioning of healthcare facilities. Without gases such as medical air, oxygen, nitrous oxide, etc., it will not be possible for healthcare facilities to provide care to their patients. These and other similar gases are provided to hospitals and medical centers through a proper medical gas supply system. Hospitals do not just have to use these systems but also maintain and monitor them so that the health and safety of both hospital staff members and patients can be protected. 

One tool that helps hospitals and medical centers monitor medical gas supply systems is an alarm. These alarms go off when there is a pressure change or any type of problem in the system. These alarms are an essential part of the system because they can warn you about poor gas supply, system operation, medical gas conditions, and many other things. The main type of alarm is the master alarm panel. Amico master alarm panels are some of the best in the market as they contain a lot of modern features and are durable. In this blog, we will talk about different types of alarms in hospitals and medical centers, master alarm panel locations, annual inspections, and more. Let’s get started.

Medical Gas Alarm Types

There are types of medical gas alarms. For instance, there are medical alarms, area alarms, and local alarms. Medical alarms are mainly responsible for monitoring source equipment.  Area alarms check the pressure in different zones or areas. And local alarms are responsible for checking specific alarm conditions at the piece of source equipment locally.

Location of Master Alarm Panel

There is a dedicated staff in medical facilities that is responsible for keeping an eye on the master alarm panel. Generally, this alarm panel is present in the workspace of personnel or the person who is responsible for monitoring it and keeping it in workable condition. As per NFPA 99, healthcare facilities need to make sure that master alarm panels are constantly monitored as long as the facility is in operation. Failure to do that can cause all sorts of problems for medical facilities.

Importance of Annual Inspections

Timely inspections are necessary for keeping the alarm panel in working condition. Both NFPA and ASSE require healthcare facilities to conduct an annual inspection of their alarm system. An annual inspection of the master alarm panel typically consists of checking whether correct signals are available and whether all lights are working or not. Detailed inspections involve activation of all pressure switches or actuating devices. Thorough inspections call for a dedicated team that is trained and experienced in activating the device and checking the panels.

If you need to install the medical gas system, inspect or maintain your medical gas supply system, or buy products related to medical gas, you can get in touch with Medical Testing Solutions. We are an ASSE licensed company that can do verifications, inspections, installations, and maintenance of medical gas supply systems. We also sell Amico master alarm panels, which are among the best panes online. We can inspect your alarm systems as well.

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