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Jun 7, 2022

We all know how critical a role medical gas plays in different departments of hospitals. We can find them being used in intensive care units, operating rooms, emergency rooms, etc. Oxygen is used for supplementing oxygen for oxygen-deficient patients, nitrous oxide is used as an anesthetic agent, and carbon dioxide is used for inflating the abdominal cavity and colon for laparoscopy and colonoscopy. Other gases that are used include nitrogen, argon, helium, and compressed air. As much as using these gases is important, it is equally important to store them properly. It is the responsibility of the medical facility or center using these gases to strictly follow all the regulations and standards pertaining to medical gases.

In this blog, we will tell you the correct ways of storing medical gas in your medical organization. It is essential that all medical organizations using medical gases follow the below-mentioned tips. 

Ensure Proper Ventilation In Gas Storage Room

One of the first things you need to do is, make sure the storage room where medical gases are stored is properly ventilated. One effective way of creating proper ventilation is using wire mesh steel panels for the walls. Another thing you should do is, make sure the storage room has a solid roof so that things such as fittings and valves are well-protected from the elements and operators are safe from weather conditions. Apart from these, it is also important to keep the storage room cool and dry. There should not be any corrosive material in the storage room.

Keep The Cylinders Vertical And Employ Safety Chains

The way you handle the cylinders is also important. You need to stop them from falling over, which you can do by storing them vertically in racks and securing them using safety chains. While safety chains are enough to secure cylinders, if you wish to secure them even more, you can consider using commercial straps and plastic coated wire cables. Keep in mind that certain smaller medical gas cylinders need to be stored in a flat position. So, if you using those gas cylinders, it is essential you use appropriate racks for them. Whatever cylinder type you use, ensure it is secured correctly and when they are not connected for use, make sure there are valve protectors on them.

Make Sure There Are Safety Signs In Storage Room

You cannot take safety signs lightly. You must use them in the storage room so that anyone using the room knows what gas types are present in the room. Do not keep empty cylinders with cylinders filled with medical gas. Ensure there is a separate space in the room for keeping empty cylinders. 

Apart from doing the above-mentioned things, two other things you must do include segregating non-compatible gases and using medical gas storage room only for storing gases and nothing else. If you need any assistance with the medical gas system in your medical facility or center, you can always get in touch with Medical Testing Solutions. Apart from selling medical gas outlets, hoses, fittings, compressors, pumps, pipelines, and other products, we also do verification, inspection, installation, and maintenance of medical gas systems. To know more about our services in detail, feel free to call us at 844-768-5744.

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