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Medical Gas Testing and Service


Medical Gas Verification

New construction project? Our highly trained 6030 medical gas verifiers are standing by. Get it done right, contact us today for pricing and scheduling.

Annual Medical Gas Testing

Medical gas annual facility healthcare testing, Testing as per NFPA 99 requirements and guidelines.
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Medical Gas Delivery

Medical Testing Solutions offers a nation wide medical gas delivery service that is second to none.

Service and Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance programs, led by our service department are second to none, at the most affordable prices anywhere.

Environmental Monitoring

Our environmental monitoring services include but are not limited to the ability to test and analyze ambient levels of hazardous agents.

Low Voltage Electrical Wiring

Master, Area and Local Alarm sensor wiring with complete verification by ASSE certified staff.

Ventilation Analysis

Isolation, Operating Rooms, Laboratories. We cover them all. Let us certify the ventilation in any room for the low cost of $40 per room, complete with comprehensive reporting.

Line Isolation Monitor Testing

A line isolation monitor is a test instrument designed to continually check the balanced and unbalanced impedance from each line…
Amico Medical Gas Outlets

Medical Gas Installations

New dental office, surgery center, wing in a hospital? We have you covered. MTS works hand in hand with some of the top installation companies in your area.

ASSE Medical Gas Training Courses

Medical Testing Solutions specializes in medical gas training and certification programs for the healthcare industry. MTS’s certification programs are 100% web based; available 24×7 and they eliminate the need for travel and time away from work.
Dental Flowmeter Repair and Parts

 Dental Flowmeter Repairs and Parts

Dental flow meter units require routine maintenance to support reliable and safe administration to the patients, without compromising employee health.

Bio Medical Electrical Safety Testing

It comes around twice a year and MTS will be there and on time to meet your EST testing needs.

Medical Gas Delivery

Need a reliable, low cost medical gas delivery company? We have you covered. Simply fill out our customer form located HERE for a competitive quotation today!