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Christian Provost

By: Online Store Admin


May 30, 2018


What do you look for in a medical gas service company? All of the above? Medical Testing Solutions is the industry leader in medical gas service. With combined experience of over 20 years in the industry, Medical Testing Solutions continues to provide expert medical gas testing, installation, delivery and consultation services nationwide. In addition MTS also offers medical gas delivery and provides training on all of the ASSE series 6000 certifications courses.


When it comes to choosing a medical gas service provider it is important to note what licenses are held by the provider as well as what insurance coverage is in place. Services such as medical gas verification have no room for mistakes.  A medical gas service company shall carry adequate insurance, god forbid an oversight or if a medical gas mix-up should happen.

Licenses including the 6010 medical gas installer, 6020 medical gas inspector, 6030 medical gas verifier and 6040 medical gas maintenance personnel are among the most common medical gas certifications. At MTS the majority of our staff has acquired one if not all of the above listed certifications. We provide continuing education to all our employees free of charge and pride ourselves in doing so.


When it comes to preventative maintenance services this category is often overlooked.

Throughout my career I’ve been asked, “What is the most important medical gas?” My response – “medical vacuum”. I will dive deeper into my reasoning during another blog post… ?

However, earlier this year I posted an article referencing a neglected medical vacuum system. Not only was this system on the brink of collapse, the system was barely providing adequate suction for the patients on the line – 13 inHg. After continually following up with our perspective client on the said system,  I later was informed the vacuum system caught fire, damaging not only the system in place but the surrounding area of the facility. The fire was most likely related to clogged or unchanged exhaust filters, causing the system to overheat and catch on fire.


Our preventative maintenance service can be a life-saving solution. Whether your pumps and compressors require annual, bi-annual or quarterly maintenance, our service technicians work diligently to schedule and complete every PM service on our calendar – when it is due.

Contact us today for a free rate quote. Our services are available across the United States. As distributors for all the major manufacturers in the industry, we use only OEM parts to perform our preventative maintenance service.

You can be rest assured you are receiving the highest quality medical gas service at the best available price!




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