Scavenging system (for standard bag tee) with medium, multi-use nasal hoodX-ray compatible and autoclavable, the Accutron Scavenging Circuit consists of a clear exhalation valve hub, a vacuum control assembly and a continuum of tubing.The transparent hub permits visual monitoring of patient respiration during dental procedures. In addition, the hub’s low-profile design offers an expanded field of operation. The circuit’s precision vacuum-control assembly allows for vacuum flow at the ADA’s recommended rate of 45 liters per minute.Flexible system accommodates all brands of flowmeters; its bright white finish complements clinical environments.Scavenging Circuits, PIP+ Single-use Nasal Hoods and rubber goods are latex-free..another feature from Accutron that helps to secure a safe and productive work environment for patients, doctor and staff. Accutron Dental Products, Scavenging Circuits, Accutron, PIP+ Scavenger with Medium Multi-Use Hood (33012).