The medical gas outlet shall be an Amico Alert-1 series.The Passive Outlets shall be manufactured with a 7-1/4 [184mm] length type K 7/8 [22mm] outside diameter, nominal size copper inlet pipe stub, which is silver brazed to the outlet body. Suction inlets are not supplied with a secondary check valve. A pressure plug is provided for testing purposes, rated at 150psi [1,034kPa]. Outlets bodies shall be gas-specific by indexing each gas service to a gas-specific dual pin indexing arrangement on the respective identification module.A large, color coded front plate shall be used for ease of gas identification and aesthetic appeal.A one piece chromed fascia plate shall frame the outlet. With the back rough-in mounted, the outlet shall adjust from 3/8 [10mm] to 1 [25mm] variation in wall thickness.The outlet shall be of modular design and include a gasspecific 16ga [1.6mm] steel mounting plate designed to permit on-site ganging of multiple outlets, in any order, on 5 [127mm] spacing.The Passive Front Latch-Valve Assembly is assembled with an aluminum adapter, which accommodates 19/33mm hose. All M.R.I outlets are manufactured form nonferrous materials.All outlets shall be cleaned and degreased for medical service, factory assembled and tested.Amico products comply with NFPA-99. Amico Medical Gas Outlets, Amico Ceiling Outlets, Amico, Passive Evac WAGD/AGSS DISS Ceiling Outlets.

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MTS is an ASSE 6030© Licensed medical gas verification company and providing NFPA code compliant medical gas certification services all across the U.S.

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MTS is an ASSE 6020© Licensed medical gas inspection service company, providing annual inspections on medical gas systems throughout the U.S.

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