Outlets shall be manufactured with a 7-3/4″ [197 mm] length type “K” 1/2″ [12.7 mm] outside diameter (3/8″ nominal) size copper inlet pipe stub, which is silver brazed to the outlet body. The body shall be of 1-5/16″ [33 mm] diameter, one piece brass construction. For positive pressure gas services, the outlet shall be equipped with a primary and secondary check valve and the secondary check valve shall be rated at a maximum of 200 psi [1,379 kPa] in the event the primary check valve is removed for maintenance. Outlet bodies shall be gas-specific by indexing each gas service to a gas-specific dual pin indexing arrangement on the respective identification module.

A colour coded label shall be used for ease of gas identification and aesthetic appeal.

The latch-valve assembly shall be British Standard type and only accept corresponding British Standard type gas-specific adapters.

All outlets shall be cleaned and degreased for medical gas service, factory assembled and tested.

Spec sheets