Medical air compressors and vacuum pumps are lifelines in each medical gas systems. The systems shall include a UL approved, NFPA 99 compliant control panel in a NEMA enclosure. Included as standard accessories for each system are externally operable “thru the door” fusible disconnect switch with door interlock, control circuit transformer with fused primary and secondary coils, H-O-A switch, minimum run timer, magnetic starter with 3-leg overload protection, and reset switch. Panel shall be equipped with a multiple selector switch for selection of normal operation (automatic alternation) or manual selection of lead and lag pumps if one of the pumps is taken out of service for any reason. Local “reserve in use” audible and visual alarms include an indicating light and a horn. Audible alarm includes a silence button. Visual alarm shall remain lit until the problem has been corrected. All control and alarm functions shall remain energized while any vacuum pump in the system remains electrically online.

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