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ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Installer Course

A medical gas installer certification candidate is a qualified individual that can demonstrate competence with their scope and will be proficient and experienced in any installation Of medical gas and vacuum systems covered by the ASSE series 6000 standard.

Medical Gas Verification

All new installations must be Verified by an ASSE 6030 verifier. In a nutshell, medical gas verifiers are there to make sure that your installation was done properly and that there are no immediate or long-term concerns you have to worry about.

Medical Gas Plumbing Services

All of our Medical Gas Plumbers are ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Certified and ASME IX Brazers. Our plumbers can assist in the engineering of blueprints, system optimization, installation, and everything in between.

Ventilation Analysis

This assessment is conducted to determine proper ventilation in accordance with applicable standards. The study includes an evaluation of the ventilation system to determine correct pressure relationships to adjacent areas and proper air changes per hour in the employee workplace.

Annual Medical Gas Inspections

Medical Gas Inspections are needed for two reasons, the first is the obvious safety and regulatory requirements, but the second is to ensure that you have the proper equipment to do your job efficiently and worry-free.

Medical Gas Installations

MTS works with facility directors to provide streamlined medical gas installations. Our services include drafting blueprints, supervising our ASSE certified medical gas technicians, shopping for and ordering the equipment you need at wholesale rates, and certifying the completed installation per NFPA guidelines.

Flowmeter Repair and Calibration

A dental flowmeter is a device that allows dentists and other healthcare professionals to safely administer Nitrous Oxide to a patient during procedures. The mobile dental flowmeters manufactured by Accutron Inc, Belmed, Inc. and Porter are increasingly becoming more popular within family, and oral surgical dental facilities around the country.

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