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Annual Medical Gas Inspections
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Your Helpful Guide To Medical Gas Inspections

  • Medical Gas Inspections General Information:

Medical Gas Inspections are needed for two reasons, the first is the obvious safety and regulatory requirements, but the second is to ensure that you have the proper equipment to do your job efficiently and worry-free. Inspection services include checking pipes and plumbing for leaks, making sure alarm panels are functioning and easy for you to use, and making sure that you have all the proper equipment you need to do your job successfully. You can get a quick quote by simply calling us at +1(844) 768-5744 , or by using the form to your right.

  • Maintenance And Replacing Parts:

After your inspection is complete we will let you know if anything needs to be fixed, or replaced, or if there is any equipment that could make your job easier/save you money. You can place orders directly with us, or just use this website to search for the medical gas equipment you need. We offer discounts on annual inspections, products, and gas delivery services when you become a lifetime member.

  • Common Questions:

Whats The Cost: Cost varies by facility size, but we can usually give you an estimate over the phone, just call +1(844) 768-5744 or fill out the call-back form on this page and we’ll call you back.

When can we do it: If you need an emergency inspection and can’t find anyone else to do it the time you need, we’ll be happy to get it done. Call +1(844) 768-5744 or fill out the call-back form on this page and we’ll be there when you need us.

Do I need an inspection or a verification: Verifications and certifications are a requirement for new installations and construction, and are different from annual inspections. All new installations must be verified by an ASSE 6030 verifier. Visit our Medical Gas Verifications page for more information.

Your Inspection Checklist:

  • Are your gas alarms and alarm panels functioning properly?
  • Are your manifolds properly installed and functioning properly?
  • Are your inlets and outlets functioning and installed properly?
  • Are your source equipment, plumbing, and vacuum system functioning properly?
  • Was your system installed by ASSE 6010 installers and ASME IX brazers?
  • Was the installation properly verified?

You Should Know These Important NFPA Guidelines for Medical Gas Inspections:

  • Per NFPA Guideline

Bulk system capacity must be reviewed annually to ensure that the system meets minimum requirements for capacity.

  • Per NFPA Guideline

Inspections and annual inspections must be conducted by medical gas technicians with ASSE certifications 6020 or 6030 Professional Qualifications Standard for Medical Gas Systems Inspectors.

  • Per NFPA Guideline

Central supply systems must conform to the following:

  1. Must be inspected annually.
  2. Must be maintained by appropriately licensed personnel.
  3. Records of annual inspections must be readily available for review by overseeing regulatory authorities

Get the full NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities Code

MTS Medical Gas Inspection Information:

    • Medical Testing Solutions recommends that all medical gas central supply systems and their components shall be inspected on an annual basis by a qualified medical gas ASSE 6040 medical gas maintenance personnel, or an ASSE 6030 medical gas verifier technically competent on the specific equipment installed in that facility.

    • Our state of the art reporting comes complete with a comprehensive detailed listing of all equipment and documented findings. Should any deficiencies be found during these medical gas testing inspections a plan of action to correct each individual notation will be discussed with the responsible staff member, ensuring the facility is up to code and safety compliance. The National Fire Protection Association requires that a medical gas system is “periodically maintained”. Many healthcare facilities perform testing on an annual basis, depending on the size of the building. Testing of the medical gas pipelines and their components ensure the safety and reliability of each system. The NFPA states that an existing system that is not in strict compliance with the code provisions shall be permitted to be continued in use as long as the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) has determined that such use does not constitute a distinct hazard to life.

  • Our team provides a worry-free annual testing service. Medical Testing Solutions credentialed inspectors are very familiar with the rules, regulations and proper procedures in all healthcare environments. You can rest assured that our team will successfully inspect and document all aspects of the installed medical gas systems in a timely fashion.

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