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May 12, 2018

The installation of medical gas and vacuum systems shall be made by a qualified competent medical gas technician who has experience in performing such installations. Installers including all personnel who assist during the install of such piping systems shall be certified as well. Medical gas install and vacuum pipe distribution systems must also be certified in accordance with a ASSE 6010 “professional qualifications standard for medical gas systems installers”.

Inspection and testing needs to be performed on all new pipe the gas systems, additions, renovations, temporary installations, or repaired systems to ensure by a documented procedure that all provisions of the NFPA 99 have been adhered to. In addition, all systems that are breached and components that are subject to additions, renovations or replacement shall be inspected and tested following installation. Installer perform test such as the initial blow down, the initial pressure test, the initial cross connection test, the initial piping purge test and others shall be completed by the medical gas installer. Documentation of these tests shall be kept for the verifying procedure to follow a complete medical gas installation.

Medical Testing Solutions employees highly trained licensed ASSE 6010 medical gas installers. Our turn-key new construction and renovation medical gas installation service is provided nationwide.  In addition, our dedicated estimating department can issue same day quotations on equipment take-offs and installation services. As distributors  for some of the top medical gas manufacturers in the industry including dental manufactures such as Accutron Inc. and Belmed Inc. you can be sure you are receiving the highest quality equipment and price. Be sure you are getting the most professional and expert advice when choosing a medical gas installation firm. Our medical gas consultants will ensure the project plans are compliant with the current NFPA code, and our installation service plumbers are experts with quality workmanship and professionalism.

Please feel free to contact one of our medical gas specialist today for assistance during your next medical gas install.


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