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A new company on the Florida coast is making waves in the Medical Gas industry. MTS is the fastest growing company in the Medical Gas industry, and offering some very cushy benefits packages to top performing ASSE 6030’s and 6040’s who are willing to relocate to the coastal paradise they call home, Miami!

Medical Gas Employee Benefits You Have to See to Believe !

Unlimited Vacation Time

Yes, you heard it right. MTS believes that the right kind of employees can manage their own schedule and achieve a work-life balance that promotes happiness and better work quality. This means that if you’re able to balance your own work schedule, your leisure time is up to you!

Work Travel+

As an MTS employee you will be serving customers all over the world, and when combined with unlimited vaca’s, you can turn these paid flights into vacation destinations, courtesy of MTS!

Paid Moving Costs!

MTS is offering paid packing, shipping, and truck rental for qualified 6030’s and 6040’s willing to relocated to South Florida!

Uncapped Commissions!

As an MTS 6040 and 6030 you will have access to 10% commissions on entire contracts! If you can take a project full circle, from quote to completion, you’ll receive a 10% commision on top of salary, and the best part, your commisions are uncapped, so sell! sell! sell!

We’ll Hire A Realtor For You

That’s right, MTS has dedicated real estate agents that will help you find the real rental, or home to buy here in South Florida and will assist you the entire way.

Spousal Employment Program

MTS believes that a family oriented corporate culture leads to a better work enviornment and better teamwork! Through the spousal employment program, MTS will help your spouse find employment in the tri-county area for as long as it takes!

Open Positions


MTS is looking for an ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Plumber. This position is available for qualified plumbers located on the East coast of the United States, however, Florida plumbers are preferred.

  • ASSE 6010 medical gas Installer Certification
  • ASXE Brazing Certification
  • 5+ years plumbing experience
  • Medical Gas Pipeline installation
  • Open to comestic travel 50% of the time (Unless located in Florida)
  • Air compressor and vacuum pump maintenance service and repair are a bonus

Medical insurance
We have opt-in medical insurance if you don't require medical insurance you can receive additional pay benefits.

Paid moving expenses
Coming from out of town? If chosen, we'll pay your moving costs!

Spousal Employment Assistance
Does your spouse need help finding a job? MTS believes in a family oriented work culture, and we'll help your spouse find a job!

Unlimited Vacation Days
That's right. We took a page out of the book of companies like General Electric, Netflix, and even Linkedin, to bring you a better work/personal life ratio. We don't micro-manage at MTS and believe everyone should be able to manage their own schedule. As long as your responsibilities are taken care of and work quality is good, you can take off when you need to.

Company Fishing Trips
At MTS we celebrate big deals and holidays with company fishing trips in the Florida Keys and we also compete in the South Florida Corporate Fishing Tournament!

Gym reimbursement
At MTS we want everyone to be at their best, if the gym helps you feel healthier, h5er and perform better, we'll cover it. Bring us the receipt for your monthly membership and we'll reimburse you

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Medical Gas Services

Medical Gas Verification

MTS is an ASSE 6030© Licensed medical gas verification company and providing NFPA code compliant medical gas certification services all across the U.S.

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Annual Medical Gas Inspections

MTS is an ASSE 6020© Licensed medical gas inspection service company, providing annual inspections on medical gas systems throughout the U.S.

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Medical Gas Installations

MTS provides medical gas systems installations per the NFPA 99  using our certified ASSE 6010© Licensed medical gas plumbers all across the U.S.

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Medical Gas Maintenance Services

MTS is an ASSE 6040© Licensed medical gas maintenance company providing the highest quality medical gas maintenance services all across the U.S.

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