Medical Testing Solutions is a privately held medical gas service and equipment supplier. Founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. Medical Testing Solution offers medical gas services which include, annual medical gas testing, medical gas certifications for construction and preventative maintenance programs. Furthermore, MTS conducts ventilation analysis, hazardous environmental chemical monitoring, bio-medical electrical safety testing, line isolation monitor testing and dental flow meter repair among many other healthcare based services.

At MTS we take great pride in all that we do and the service we provide. We also take great pride in letting our clientele, prospective clients and others in the industry know that at MTS every member of our staff is a highly trained Certified Medical Gas A.S.S.E 6020 Medical Gas Inspector, A.S.S.E 6030 Medical Gas Verifier, and ASSE 6040 Medical Gas Systems Maintenance Personnel. All the testing procedures which we conduct follow in strict compliance with current NFPA-99, 2015 Edition, CGA E-10, CGAC-9, TJC 2016 Accreditation Manual, AHCA Guidelines, ASHRAE, DHHS HRA 79-14500 and all other current applicable standards.

We take no chances and value precision testing. In the event that a system does not meet the testing requirements, we will provide complete documentation subject to listed deficiencies and recommendations to bring all systems and equipment into compliance. All testing instruments are calibrated as per the N.I.S.T (National Institute for Standards and Technology) requirements and documentation of these recordings are kept onsite at all times during testing and verification procedures. Our clients can be rest assured that nothing is taken for granted and no stone is left unturned as nothing is compromised with anyone using the equipment. As a multi-service company committed to providing qualified expertise at a fair price we work towards always providing the best quality equipment, service and price ensuring that it is synonymous with our goal of providing an honest and reliable service.

As distributors for several medical gas equipment manufactures, including Amico, Beacon Medaes,  and Accutron (to name a few) our unwavering ability to seek out only the most reliable companies in the industry to represent, we can ensure our customers receive the best quality of equipment, service and price. Providing twenty-four seven service to ensure that you receive the best, we look forward to faithfully providing medical testing solutions to you.


The Medical Testing Solutions Team

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