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The ASSE 6040 Medical Gas Systems Maintenance Personnel certification program is a thirty-two (32) hour training course and final exam. It is web based and self-paced, and the program content are all provided online. The ASSE 6040 program was developed to ensure individuals are technically competent and experienced in the field of medical gas systems inspection, testing, and maintenance. The program is based on the code requirements identified in the NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code, 2012 edition and the NFPA 55, Compressed Gasses and Cryogenic Fluids Code, 2010 edition. Candidates will also be given a basic understanding of medical gas systems general knowledge, applications, component overview, basic operating principles and performance characteristics, critical safety precautions, troubleshooting, routine maintenance and testing, and common repairs.


The Medical Gas Systems Maintenance Personnel certification is administered in accordance with the American Society of Sanitary Engineers (ASSE) Series 6000 Standard, Section 6040.  Candidates must meet the following requirements in order to become ASSE 6040 Certified.

  1. All candidates shall be employed or contracted by a healthcare facility or actively engaged in working with medical gas systems.
  2. All candidates shall have a minimum of one (1) year of documented experience in the maintenance or testing of medical gas systems.
  3. All candidates shall have successfully completed the thirty-two (32) hour training course covering all aspects of the ASSE Standard 6040.
  4. All candidates must successfully pass the final examination.

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